Comments of cyclist

Below are comments taken form the online noticeboard The comments have to do with the suggestion of having free civic bikes for the city and how it would be possible to prevent them from being stolen.

This is what Pierre had to say

‘At some of Comhairle na n-Óg discussion and election days earlier in the year the possibility of free city cycles (like Copenhagen) was one of the proposals made by some of the young people present.
Of course, security was a major concern.
In Copenhagen some of the measures adopted to prevent the bicycles being stolen are:
* distinctive design and markings, ie solid wheels, puncture-proof tyres, “city cycle” logos
* limiting their use to the city centre zone with penalties for use outside the prescribed area
* parts connected in a unique way
* special unique tools needed to disassemble the bikes
This might be of use to Dublin City Council in considering this option. The reason I’m mentioning this is because I think it’s a nice idea and I wouldn’t like to see it disregarded without giving it proper consideration and having all the possibilities explored.
Ride On!’

Drummer had an even more original idea

‘Free bikes would be a great idea for the city.

People say they would all get robbed, but there is a simple way around it.

You buy about 2 million, therefore, if you want to sell one on, no one will buy it because you already have access to free ones everywhere. Plus you make them with non standard sizes on the parts so that the parts cant be used on other bikes.

In addition, 2 million bikes at even a 200-300 euro would be a miniscule ammount compared to what would need to be spent on buses, trams and other pulic transport.’

False ended the discussion on something of a downbeat note

‘I’m sure people would be throwing them in the Liffey left right and centre. I seriously doubt that this would work in Ireland/Dublin or any town in Ireland. You will always get the few who want to ruin these good things for people.’

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