Green Party Bicycle Election Promise


On Sunday next the Green Party will unveil their transport strategy in advance of the upcoming election.

Eamon Ryan, the party’s Transport spokesman, spoke prior to the launch about the section dealing with cycling.

Changing the mindset of road planner is what Eamon Ryan says he wants to do. An example he uses to show how cars have dictated transport planning is the spread of one-way tariff flow systems. These, he says, are nonsensical for cyclist. The party are proposing that like buses a contra flow scheme should operate for cyclists

Ryan also wants to see reductions in car numbers. To achieve this he believes many city centre multi-storey car parks will have to go and car parking places gradually phased out. He also reiterates a long standing Green Party demand for the reinstatement of the Lenister House Law.

To allow for adequate funding for cycling infrastructure Ryan said his party will allocate 2.5% of Local Authority Budgets specifically to cycling.

Other initiative include for bicycle transport on trains, adequate parking facilities at all LRT station and the development of a secure ‘route to school’ network for school children

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